21 Mar 2016

Good passwords

Nearly everyone uses passwords. It is important to get the secure options you need with good passwords. Most people have favorite passwords they like to use, or think it would…
14 Mar 2016

Hacked WordPress Sites Spiked Dramatically

While using their WordPress sites, all the sudden the user sees something pop up. A notice to download some plugin in order to continue using their WordPress site. No problem.…
19 Feb 2016

Dell xps 13 review

The Dell XPS 13 is slim computer with excellent performance as wel as modern design. In addition, the computer has a bright HD-touch screen. A bright and clear screen is…
20 Oct 2015

Do not update to Windows 10

After years of waiting, Windows 10 finally hit the shelves in late July this year and caused many to rethink their current operating system situation. Hard as it may be…
15 Sep 2015


    Congratulations to our Christian Kortenhorst for getting through to the next round of Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE). We are very happy that he will go on to…
20 Jun 2015

Why AVG Cloudcare is your new secret weapon

Want to know how AVG became as big as it has? It's simple. They offer great services like Antivirus, and now the malware feature, all for free. That's right. They…

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