Want to know how AVG became as big as it has? It’s simple. They offer great services like Antivirus, and now the malware feature, all for free. That’s right. They do it all for free. This is how they invite you in. Once a customer is using their free stuff, they get you on the hook with their premium services. This is the stuff that actually costs something. This is how they have built their small empire.
avg_cloudcareThere are two main reasons why AVG has done their business this way. For one, they say that most people don’t want to spend money on these tools. For the most part they would be right. Most people don’t like to spend money. If they can get something for free, they will. The other reason is who these tools are geared towards. Many claim that the tools out on the market are only for those who are established. The ones who have big businesses. This is also a claim that is true, for the most part. There are many who feel that their needs are getting left in the dark.
This is why AVG developed the system and the tools it has. It wants to appeal to those who are sort of like the underdog. Can’t say that they have been wrong. Look at how much money they have made because of it and the customers they have attracted.
Is AVG cloudcare the first thing that clients look at for their business? No, it’s not. At the end of the day, it appeals to many and seems the most suitable. It’s like a book with the a dirty cover. The outside might not be too appealing, but underneath is where all the goods are hiding.
There is actually a new channel that is out for AVG cloud users. This channel has a lot of appealing tools too. The IT tool allows businesses to see their impact. It allows them to see when a client needs them. It allows a business to see when their space has reached limited capacity. This means they need to allow for additional clients. This is a good thing. It’s good for content. It allows for virus detection.
There is an increase with Linux and OSX users. AVG is well aware of this. They are currently looking into these platforms. For those that have the more premium offerings, there are two options available. Due to non-licensing and no limits customers can do the pay-as-you-go or the annual thing.
AVG cloudcare is becoming a very relevant thing these days and it’s growing stronger every day. For more information on their services visit them on the web.