CK Computer Solutions delivers comprehensive security services from advising, to implementing and managing your security system through a range of services, including:

–       Firewall

–       VPN

–       System Monitoring

–       System Management

–       E-mail Filtering and Governance

–       Intrusion Detection and Prevention

–       Web and Content Filtering

–       Authentication and Log Analysis

We will always provide you with a system that you can rely on and trust, and which we will continue to monitor to maintain the highest security levels for your business.

General Checks:

  • Who can access shared data?
  • Are there audit logs to record who has accessed data?
  • Are the audit logs reviewed regularly?
  • Are the security settings for operating systems up-to-date?
  • Are passwords difficult to crack?
  • Have all unnecessary applications and computer services been eliminated for each system?
  • Are these operating systems at the highest possible security level?
  • How is backup media stored?
  • Is there a disaster recovery plan?
  • Are there adequate cryptographic tools in place to govern data encryption, and have these tools been properly configured?

Custom Software:

  • Have custom-built applications been written with security in mind?
  • How have these custom applications been tested for security flaws?
  • How are these records reviewed and who conducts the review?
  • Who makes configuration and code changes documented at every level?
  • Is there an audit trail for every aspect of a project?

CK Solutions will answer all of these questions when managing your security services, as well as providing objective, honest advice and a complete security audit.