06 Jun 2015

Windows 10 Pre release review

Windows 10 is the newest and last release of the Microsoft’s operating system, it will be released this summer. The company has learned from it’s past mistakes when customers were…
29 May 2015

Preventing laptop theft

Today in business one of the most important tools a person has is a laptop. A laptop has replaced traditional paper and pens because it makes more business sense. However…
06 May 2015

iPhone Pros and Cons

The new Apple iPhone 6 plus is the most drastic upgrade to the iPhone series yet, and it may not be for everyone. While many think bigger is better, this…
20 Apr 2015

Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Laptop

When the time has come to buy a new laptop computer, there are some things that you should consider before making that purchase. These considerations are different for every person…
06 Apr 2015

Cryptolocker, A virus With a Purpose, watch out

After being in the technical industry for over thirty years it takes something fairly unique to pique my attention. The Cryptolocker virus is in fact that type of program. In…
30 Mar 2015

Business and Cyber Security

Protect Your Business Every business can be protected with cyber security. A business should be fast and secure. Every email and all online connections can be safe and offer privacy.…
16 Mar 2015

Phishing emails

A phishing email attack is accomplished by cybercriminals using a simple email to lure users to log onto a phony website. This is a practice used daily and thousands of…
06 Nov 2014

We have moved, not far

We have now moved to a larger office in Harolds Cross just around the corner. 3, Greenmount Lane, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6

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