CK Solutions fully understand a company’s need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. While we deliver an extremely quick and valuable on-site service, we also offer another method for resolving IT issues where possible: Online Backups. This option does away with the need for staff and users to implement and operate backups, as well as providing a viable alternative to optical, tape and hard disc solutions.

Advantages of Online Backup

  1. Allows for off-site backup so that the physical storage of hard disks and tapes do not have to be stored on site or be looked after.
  2. Disaster recovery offered by offsite storage
  3. No capital outlay is required for purchasing new equipment.
  4. There are no ongoing media costs or staff costs; running costs are limited to only paying a monthly fee.
  5. Setup and installation is a simple matter of downloading the software, and takes only a few minutes to complete.
  6. Data recovery is equally fast, as there is no searching for the right tapes.
  7. Backup process itself is completely automated which ensures that it gets done
  8. Data is uploaded and stored securely

2 gb free allows you to sync a folder across multiple machines.

Backblaze unlimited backups

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