Time: Wednesday 20th October from 9.30-10.45am
Every business, big or small, is totally reliant on technology. Christian Kortenhorst, will talk about some simple, cheap and easy IT solutions for small/medium size companies like ours to use in their every-day business. He will introduce us to some useful and cost-effective applications. He will also show us how to spend less time on our computers trying to solve those frustrating recurring problems that annoy us so much!
Some of the topics Christian will explore:

  • Email, IMAP VS Pop3
  • Online services VS Desktop applications
  • Document-sharing
  • Dropbox
  • Calendars
  • Multiple computer setup
  • Using what you have
  • Mobile devices
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Online backups
  • Open source software

If you have a specific IT topic that you would like Christian to address, you can email your request to Christian@cksolutions.ie .
After the session you should have a better understanding of how a small to medium size business should ideally be set-up for managing files and documents, coordinating email and backing up your data.
Christian Kortenhorst is based in Dublin, Ireland. He has over 10 years’ broad-ranging technical experience, for example in setting up servers, network environments, and backup systems. Christian offers consulting and hands-on solutions in these and many other technical areas. He set up his business – CK Computer Solutions – in 2008 having completed 4 years in Computer Science in DIT.
Christian’s mission is to provide a quality and creative IT service to small and medium sized businesses. We strive to advise and provide the best product and services that fits a company’s needs. With our constant research and testing of products and services we are able to keep our clients up-to-date with the best possible products and services that are tried and tested. We select products and services objectively based on a company’s needs and wants.”