Top 5 Twitter clients
Even if you are not impressed with the Twitter site itself, the application continues to expand its usefulness by fostering many add on clients which can definitely add to the experience of both the individual using Twitter for personal things or the business using Twitter to promote a product or service.
Below are the top 5 Twitter clients that you should give a try, especially if you are a small business on a budget or a growing business in need of that next big promotion.
5 – DestroyTwitter
Perhaps the most ingeniously named of the top 5 Twitter clients, at least for the sake of publicity, DestroyTwitter is a client that is perfect for the mobile environment, one column and customizable.
4 – Tweetie
With the best looking GUI that any Twitter client has, Tweetie can provide many services as a Twitter add on far past the added value of its great look. With Tweetie you can pull streams of information right off of your Twitter page. If you see something that you are very invested in, you can keep the entire stream on another screen if you so wish.
3 – Seesmic
Although this app is not yet available on the iPhone, on any other platform it works very well and is a must have. Seesmic is a great addition to both Twitter and Facebook services, giving you the power to shut on and off the notifications that you want to receive, the URL shortening that you want to use or not use, which image hosting services that you like the most, and even the size of your event timeline, which will become even more important as per the recent announcement that Facebook will be placing added relevance to the event timeline.
2 – Brizzly
Brizzly is Twitter times two. This application actually does not add much functionality; it just makes what Twitter already is look much better. For instance, you do not have to worry about expanding any URLs that have been shortened, pics and videos are automatically thumbnailed for your viewing pleasure, and your useful links are not lost with scrolling action, as it is on the regular Twitter interface. This supercharged version of Twitter is freely available on the web, another reason to update to it as soon as you can.
1 – Tweetdeck
Tweetdeck is the flickering night light to the social media butterfly. With this innovative Twitter client, a social media buff can monitor his or her social media accounts all at once on the same screen, including Twitter. You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts from the same Tweetdeck, a must have for business users. You can also sync and backup your profile to other devices as well.