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Test your backups… DO IT PLEASE


If you do not backups your files you will be sorry, If you do not test your backups you will also be sorry, my experience shows that quite a few backups NEED to be tested to make sure your files are actually where you think they are. Backing up your files is very important for […]


BackBlaze exceptions


If your broadband supplier limits your upload to something silly like 30Gb in one month why not limit what files you upload, for most small business I use the following exceptions “wab~,vmc,vhd,vo1,vo2,vsv,vud,vmdk,vmsn,vmsd,nvram,vmx,vmem,iso,dmg, sparseimage,sys,cab,exe,msi,dll,dl_,wim,ost,o,log,mp4,mp3,wma,m4a,7z,mpg,avi” To input excptions, click on backblaze icon in bottom right hand corner of screen and go into settings then exceptions and input […]


Unlimited backup BackBlaze


Now new from BackBlaze just 5$ a month per computer. Unlimited storage. YES unlimited storage. For greatest prices and deals click image below and sign up for free trial. Have been using them for last 3 months and restored one full computer from backup using restore feature, did however take a long time to download […]