QR codes for your business

A Quick Response code or QR code is a two dimensional scannable bar code that stores a tremendous amount of information and which is being used by businesses across the world for a variety of purposes. In the past decade, QR codes have become mainstream in the fields of advertising of merchandising.  Functionally QR codes link together real world objects (such as a product or advertisement) to the virtual world connections (such as a URL, a network connection, or an image).  By using QR codes a business can really diversify and ramp up marketing and tracking campaigns.
QR codes are often used by businesses as a way of tracking data or setting up a ticketing system that can be easily counted using scanners. QR codes are designed to work across computing platforms and the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, windows phones, and blackberries all have a variety of scanning applications.
As an advertiser one of the best ways of using a QR code is to connect it to a website or to a video.  For example, a concert promoter might put a QR code on all of his posters around town.  When an interested party scans the code, the person will automatically be lead to a video on her phone.  After the video is done, a form might pop up asking the interested customer to type in their name and email address to be entered into a free drawing or contest.  QR codes can also be pushed from devices via social media.
Another example might be a restaurant that takes out print advertising.  The restaurant  can extend its reach electronically by allowing interested potential customers to view a menu or by offering a coupon for a weekly special.  There are many other uses of  QR codes in many industries; for example in the banking sector QR codes are being used for identity verification.
Planning  an effective QR code campaign takes some work.  Because consumers tend to have a short attention span, whatever the QR code’s final destination ends up being must be designed to quickly capture interest and information.  Experts in QR marketing can assist you with setting up your campaign.

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