laptop_securityToday in business one of the most important tools a person has is a laptop. A laptop has replaced traditional paper and pens because it makes more business sense. However just like laptop use is on the rise, so is laptop theft. As we all know when it comes to business when a laptop is stolen, it is not only about the hardware but also about the information stored on the laptop.
For a lot of businesses there is highly sensitive information stored on laptops which could affect their customer base. Preventing laptop theft is vital, so how can people be mindful to protect their laptops.
First and foremost if your company will allow you to take your laptop with you when you leave that is one way to make sure that your laptop is secure. Now if you do take your laptop with you never leave it in an unlocked vehicle. One thing you can do is lock your laptop up in your trunk or carry it in a bag with you.
If you have to leave your laptop at work lock it up in a desk drawer or use something like a bicycle lock with a cable and secure it on the desk. Now if you do have to travel for your job for training and meetings be careful where you leave your laptop.
For example if you are in a meeting and you have to leave a meeting do not leave your laptop unattended. Yes most people in a meeting are trustworthy but you have to always err on the side of securing your laptop. Now if you have to fly always keep in mind that you will have to place your laptop through security.
Always keep your eye on the laptop as it goes through the x-ray machine and make sure you see where it comes out on the other side. If you don’t some-one other then you may pick up your laptop and walk away with it. For most business people their laptop is their lifeline so you have to do everything you can to protect it.