Being able to share information quickly and accurately is always a priority in business. By being agile, a business owner is able to stay ahead of the competition and run his or her business effectively. That is exactly what Google Calendar allows you to do as a small business. From being able to monitor employee activity to sharing calendars and appointments among your team, Google Calendar will fill a much-needed role in your workplace
Time scheduling and appointment setting within the calendar is a breeze. Your employees can easily create their own appointments, time off or other activities within the calendar. The interface is straightforward and easy to use and usually requires no training at all. Once an appointment has been entered, the team can share their calendars or individual appointments among themselves.
At a glance you can quickly see the meta data for your company and decide what time is best to schedule team meeting and other important company activity. If your company uses an appointment setter or other individual, they can use the calendar to book appointments easily without double booking.
In addition to just seeing entire blocks of time marked off during a calendar period, Google Calendar also allows your team to view a breakdown of their entire day. This functionality allows the calendar to become a powerful time management tool. Employees can quickly enter in activities they need to accomplish for a given time period and see where their time will be spent.
It is not uncommon for an employee to need to access their calendar while at their desk. Whether they are traveling, with a client or at another of your locations, Google Calendar keeps them connected at all times. The calendar is truly cross-platform being able to be used on any system that can connect to the internet, meaning Macintosh, Windows, Linux, mobile or otherwise. Your employees can even check their schedules from home if they need to get prepared for the upcoming workday.
Finally, web presence is a must for companies of nearly any size these days. With Google Calendar, you are very easily able to integrate one or several of your calendars into your site. Choose from displaying individual calendars or an all-inclusive calendar and export it via HTML or XML . Sharing a Google Calendar in your business is a one stop solution for easy time management.