National business solutions company Shoeboxed wants to make your business run more efficiently so you can stay organized and make more money! Sign up for a membership today, and turn your piles of business receipts into a sleek, simple, organized online filing cabinet. You will have your business data at your fingertips with a just a few clicks on your computer.
Join Shoeboxed and let us take care of all your business paperwork. Scan your business receipts and important documents using the Shoeboxed free online document uploader. Or, mail your receipts to Shoeboxed using your smart phone. Whether your are on the go or in the office, you can get your myriad business receipts to Shoeboxed in a matter of minutes. Then, sit back and let Shoeboxed do the rest of the work for you!
Shoeboxed will verify your receipts for accuracy and then transfer them to your online, personalized Shoeboxed account. There you can access all of your receipt data and export that data to a wide variety of financial and accounting programs or email marketing interfaces.
You also can send or forward all the electronic receipts that you get from the stores you love to shop for your business directly to your Shoeboxed email address. Instead of getting a lot of spam email from that business — which often included coupons — Shoeboxed will filter those receipts and emails and categorize important information in your online Shoeboxed account.
Access your receipts 24 hours a day, every day of the year! All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to access all of the business receipts that Shoeboxed turns into electronic receipts and formulates into categories so that you can see exactly where the money in your business is going.
In addition, you can access your Shoeboxed account via your Gmail account or any Google App on your smartphone. Shoeboxed has a Google App listing that makes logging in to your personalized Shoeboxed account and accessing your electronic business receipts easy.
Shoeboxed makes it easy for Google Chrome users to access their accounts with the new Chrome Web Clipper Extension. Users can clip images of business receipts and other documents directly from their browsers and them submit them to Shoeboxed so that staff can process them. Download the extension on the official Shoeboxed website to get started.
Shoeboxed will keep your business date safe with its secure, SSL encryption. This encryption system is the same used by banks for online services and will keep your information secure no matter where you go. In addition, Shoeboxed backs up your business data on multiple servers to help ensure that once you go paperless, your data will not get lost, deleted, or corrupted.
Shoeboxed will accept scans and transmissions from your computer and/or phone for a wide variety of business documents, including business receipts, bills, expense reports, invoices, business cards, and just about any other business paperwork that you no longer need sitting in a pile on your desk.
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