Online Backups For Business and what to look for…
There are many online backup services, but most of them focus on individual users and not businesses. While some individual account can be converted to business use, businesses typically require higher accessibility and memory than an individual. Points to look for when choosing an online backup service should include the number of computers and users that can work simultaneously, the memory amount and the longevity of archives.Most businesses, even very small ones, rarely run on just one computer. There are typically tens or hundreds of computers running simultaneously, and each one has information that needs to be backed up. The business backup service has to include a feature that allows one account to backup all those computers at once. If not, then there are some severe disadvantages. For one, the business must create a separate account for each computer, which costs a lot of money. Another disadvantage is each computer has to be backed up separately, which takes a lot of time. It may be hours before all the computers even start archiving data.
Number of computers:
Along with an account with multiple computers, have a large account that can be accessed by more than one person will also be useful. Upper management, administrators and the technology staff should have access to this account, but each one should have different login information. That way, if anyone messes up or tries to steal data, records will show who is responsible. Another reason to give many people access to the backup account is this allows multiple backups to be made per day.
Individual backup services typically store around 50 to 100 GB of memory. This may be a good starting point for a business, but this storage threshold will be quickly eaten up, even by a small business. Professional backup services for business should offer at least 500 GB, or they should impose no limit. If no limit is imposed, then the service normally charges per GB, but the business is allowed to save as much data as it wants. This is usually more convenient, and allows the business to grow without fear of bumping into data thresholds.
If the business is stagnant, or if data is not accessed or backed up constantly, then a viable worry is the longevity of archives. Some backup services, if data is not accessed or changed within several months, will erase the archive from its servers. If the user does not have that data stored locally, this can be a major problem. Before choosing any service, see how long they keep archives, and be sure to either save a local copy before the time runs out, or change the data, even slightly, to keep it from getting erased.