Every business owner has it: the ubiquitous to-do list. It never quite goes away, especially when business is booming or improvements are being made. There are always things that have to be done to keep a business running. Picking up new stock items, checking inventory, filing through applications, checking email and responding to them, and making conference calls are just some of the many duties that need to be juggled. With all of that to do, it’s a wonder a business owner can even remember to eat lunch. Also, keeping up with a list of tasks is never easy when one booklet or spiral can get lost in endless business papers, torn, or ruined by liquids. With the average business owner in mind, Google has created Google Tasks.

Google Tasks is a new service put out by the ever-popular web giant in the hopes of reeling in more business customers. It all revolves around the simplest thing every business owner uses, a to-do list. This to-do list, though, is digital. Google created Tasks so that the list can be transferred from the web to a phone for on-the-go purposes. It even swaps between Google services, and can be used in Calendar or iGoogle. Like any classic to-do list, though, each task or errand gets checked off. Due dates and other memos can be added to each item, and no matter where the list is accessed, it’s always up to date.Google really went above and beyond for this one. Just adding a date before an item, for example, automatically adds it to Google Calendar in the exact spot it should be. If the item is dragged in Calendar to a different date or time, then that item gets updated in all locations it’s held.
Another highly useful addition that really helps is the printing feature. Google Tasks allows for the printing of the list from the web if in need of another copy or in need of the list on paper– no more scribbles and messy handwriting. Tasks also allows for the creation of multiple lists for different duties, in case the user is multitasking and needs to pick up tomatoes for dinner while he is out getting office supplies for his desk, for example.
With this in mind, web users and business owners alike have been socially engineered to look for the newest gadget to help them in their quest for success. It’s best that a business owner does not use this service unless it’s a necessity, as using an unneeded service only contributes to the clutter and confusion. But in most cases, Tasks really does seem like the right choice. It is perfect for forgetful or harried businessmen who really need a hand in keeping track of all the little odds and ends that need to be kept track of.
Tasks, overall, is simple and easy to use. There’s no room for clutter, no clunky features, no overwhelming list of options or the like. It is a service that is exactly what it says on the tin.