Regardless of the area that a business specialises in, accountancy will play a role in the success of the company to some degree. Because of this, finding a way to handle invoicing and finances should be a top priority for most businesses. Instead of using traditional accountancy software, many companies are turning to online invoicing software, such as FreshBooks for this process. FreshBooks has a number of features that can help improve the accountancy situation of a business.
One of the major advantages of using the system is that it is simple to track working time. Time can be tracked with mobile devices or on a computer, depending on which one is easier to use. This can be beneficial when a business relies on workers who are away from the office, such as with an IT business. The time is tracked electronically and sent over the Internet to the main system. This increases billable hours and makes the process of keeping track of working time much simpler.
Another advantage of using this system is that it helps businesses bill their customers faster. By the time the job is done, all of the information that a company needs for an invoice is already compiled and available. Sending an invoice is simple and can usually be done with a few clicks of a mouse. This gets the invoices out faster, which in turn helps businesses get paid faster.
By using FreshBooks, businesses also make it easier to accept payments from customers. When an online invoice is sent, it gives the customer an option to pay the invoice online. For example, a business could include a “Pay Now” button with the invoice delivered via email. The customer then has the option of paying the invoice immediately through the online merchant. This has the potential to improve invoice payment times and help businesses get the pounds they need faster.
Another benefit of using FreshBooks for online billing is that it is simple to use. The user interface is intuitive and does not require a lot of training to feel comfortable with. Most users can pick it up straight away without a great deal of training. This also reduces the need to have a dedicated accountancy professional on staff.
With the online collaboration and multiple add-ons available for the software, FreshBooks is an option that can graft appropriately for many different types of businesses regardless of size or industry.
Only issue have with the service is they do not allow Staff to be added under the cheaper Evergreen and Seeding products.