Regardless of whether an employee leaves your company on good or bad terms, there are several things that must be done to secure the company’s interest and to protect any information from being leaked. The first thing that should be done is to secure any network or computer passwords that the ex employee had access too. You can also put an auto responder on his work email account, this will inform any customers he/she dealt with a telephone number so they can reach your company. You need to deactivate any remote accounts that the employee had access to outside of the workplace setting.

Make sure you retrieve any iPad, Phone or laptops that he/she has been issued. Secure any back up disks or USB keys that he/she had that could contain work information. You will also need to reset all voice-mail messages. Utilize this as a tool to redirect any customers that may try to reach your company. The voice-mail can be redirected to another associate. This way your clients still have full access to your company without an unwelcome delay. The IT department should document the actions it takes to protect the company and its affiliates private information.The IT department and the Human Resources Department will need to work together to make certain all information the employee had access to is revoked and documented. The computers should be wiped and re loaded with the basic programs your company works with before being re routed to another user. IT will be the most hands on department working to ensure the company isn’t harmed by the ex employee. Quick action should be taken to secure all the above files are in their proper places.If the ex employee was a supervisor or in an authoritative position then you need to work with those in charge to protect company files and all of its financial records. This will require a joint effort between all the departments. Protecting the company is your top priority. Supervisor’s usually have in depth knowledge of the companies daily functions. Working as a joint team will benefit and help your company achieve as much ease as is possible during this change with its employee. This will help you avoid missing anything important. Always strive for a smooth transition. Having a plan prior to needing this will help instruct and keep IT employees on a structured skilled path. This will make the transition much easier if everyone knows the job(s) they have to perform.