Syncing files from one computer to another is a big concern for individuals of mostly any industry. You don’t have to be a big shot IT professional to want or need to send important files to a coworker. Programs such as Dropbox have made it substantially easier than ever before to do this.

How it works
Dropbox allows you to create a free or a paid account. The free account has less storage space and has other limitations, but has enough features to let you give it a whirl and decide if it is right for you. After you sign up for an account you merely need to give your account name to the individuals you want to be able to sync with and decide which files and folders are shared. This is better than letting people remotely access your computer as this way only allows other people to access the files that you have designated them able to.
Dropbox for those not technologically inclined.
Dropbox does not always have to be about business or important files. You can sync up computer with pictures or videos of your family vacations as well. This is a good way to get people that are not terrible tech savvy like Grandma interested in using a computer. This can be a good way to get specific files in a specific folder without having to teach someone how to check their email and download attachments.
IT Uses for Syncing and programs like Dropbox
The place where being able to sync up files and folders is really useful is for those that work in the IT industry. If you ever need to turn in an important project or proposal for work you will never have to worry about forgetting it. You can sync your home and work computers and always be prepared for that big meeting. This is a very good use for Dropbox, but it does not only have to be used going from your work computer to your home computer. For instance if you are working on a project for work you can have every individual sync up specific shared folders of their computers in order to have everyone contribute to getting work done.
Privacy Concerns
Syncing up computers is a good way to share files, but also be contradictory to some privacy policies of computers. For instance it never a good idea to install anything on any work computers without the consent of the computer’s owner and your employer. Be sure that your employer knows how the program works and that they have fully approved of you being able to sync files from your home computer to your work computer. Even if it assumed that it is okay it is better to be safe than sorry. It is a safe and easy to use program. Just like the name sounds only stuff you drop in the Dropbox can be shared.