We all obviously know how powerful the internet is in many ways. We also know that how fast information can travel via online. Much faster say then radio and television. With all the social media buzz and many different social sites news can travel even quicker. With that comes millions of responses from the general public. News outlets utilize social media and many internet sites to show video and other info that they know the public will be able to see. News can be found in a matter of seconds from a computer, smartphone, and tablet. Even persons at work can have an idea of what is going on. Many of the government sections and departments utilize the internet to attack each other with many ways. They know that certain information can be portrayed different and maybe harsher online rather then radio and television. This is especially true during elections. Election season are perfect storms for internet attacks throughout different governments. As you may know elections are very important in the United States. Every citizen has the right to vote by choice. During the time you will be presented with many candidates fighting for your vote for certain spots. Of course they are broken down to either democratic or republican parties. This day an age you with all the technology you will see many different video postings from candidates, blogs, articles, social media events like on Facebook and Twitter. All this will also interact with the public. The certain parties will be able to go in greater detail then on television and radio. War games will also arrays through the internet with a lot of back and forth commenting on certain subjects. As always this is a reality and takes place all the time. Yes at some points it can get a little nerve racking for the public and confusing with all the flip flopping on certain subjects. Some information that do have attacks on them via the internet is never true. Since its the internet there are thousands of sources where information can leak to.
In conclusion governmental war games via the internet will only get bigger and have even more information. From videos, to pictures, blogs, commenting, articles. There are many different ways in which information can be posted. As for the public you will just have to find the legit valid confirmed sources and what you believe is the correct information.