google-apps-cloudGoogle Calendar makes it easy for businesses to stay connected anytime and anywhere. Getting started simply means creating a Gmail account, a process that takes less than five minutes to complete. Once set up, users can access the calendar, schedule meetings, and share with anyone they choose.
As an affordable service, it is hard to pass up what Google is selling. The features that Google Calendar offers are more than comparable to Microsoft Outlook (a similar calendaring program), and not only does it promise the essentials of what a business will need, but it also goes above and beyond the essentials.
Google Calendar is easy to navigate because the layout is extremely straightforward and the display can be customized to individual liking. There is one primary calendar, but for organizational purposes, individual calendars can be created for personal, business, or vacation use. Calendars can be shared by simply inviting others through email. Sharing calendars is an invaluable tool in business as schedules are always changing. Calendar sharing allows everyone to be on the same page. Permission levels can be set to control the amount of power granted to others that can access calendars. Granting full permission on a calendar allows someone to see and edit the contents of a calendar, which is perfect for a secretary or administrative assistant who takes care of scheduling.
Calendar-LogoIn todays day and age, the smartphone has become a huge development in technology. Because the world of business is hectic, many people work on the go with their smartphone. Google Calendar is not only for use on the computer, but it is compatible with many different devices across the board. Smartphones can be synced with Google Calendar to perform all the functions that can be executed on a computer; it can even send SMS text reminders to a phone or email. This option is especially essential for scheduling meetings or events when without a computer.
Google Calendar also offers some advanced features that aren’t found in many other programs. When trying to find a time that multiple people are available for a meeting, Google Calendar has a “suggested times” link that shows convenient times for everyone in the group. For a glance ahead of time, Google Calendar has an option to send out a daily agenda by email.
Google Calendar’s service has been hailed a great, cost-effective alternative for a small business to stay connected and organized. Not only does it serve the purpose, but it goes above and beyond with advanced features.