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CK Solutions offers a constant service that will support, monitor and proactively fix any issues that may arise within your IT infrastructure. We can provide you with an entire network of support off-site that will shore up your system and ensure you always get the most from your IT equipment.

Instant access to your office to solve the issue or popup that is on your computer. 75% of issues are solved remotely.

We monitor your IT system continuously thereby minimising downtime and disruption for you, while maximising our ability to respond, diagnose and repair the problem as quickly as possible. CK Solutions will also take a further weight off your shoulders by installing updates if and when they are required for your specific needs and securely backing up your data in a remote database.

Any servers, databases and network components – whether hardware or software – will be overseen and maintained by CK Solutions. We can get to the bottom of your computer or network problem in the least intrusive manner possible. Remote support cuts out travel time, we can fix the issue online, in real time and with minimum upheaval to your working day.

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