[Video] Firefox IE Shortcut keys

[Video] Firefox IE Shortcut keys

First quick tip video, please give me feedback on video, for improvements on future videos.

For this video I will be bring you throught some shortcut keys for internet explorer and firefox.
The advantages of shortcut keys are that you do not have to take your hands off the keyboards.
New tabs    Ctrl+T
Close Tab    Ctrl+W
Between tabs    Alt+Tab
New Windows    Ctrl+N
Address Bar    Alt+D
Print        Ctrl+P

The following short cuts will work in any edit windows or Word, excel powerpoint and outlook.
Copy        Ctrl+C
Cut        Ctrl+X
Delete        Delete
Paste        Ctrl+V
Select All    Ctrl+A
Undo        Ctrl+Z
Find        Ctrl+F

Between applications Alt tab

Zoom In    CtrlCmd++
Zoom Out    CtrlCmd+-
Zoom Reset    CtrlCmd+0