Test your backups… DO IT PLEASE

Test your backups… DO IT PLEASE

If you do not backups your files you will be sorry,
If you do not test your backups you will also be sorry, my experience shows that quite a few backups NEED to be tested to make sure your files are actually where you think they are.

Backing up your files is very important for everyone, but what is also very important is to check that your backups are actually running and that they are actually backing up the files you want them to backup.

I use a company called Backblaze for my backups that allows me to backup everything on my office computer and laptop. However in my experiance checking the files is very important because you are only as good as your last backup and sometimes files that you think are backing up are outside of your scope of backups.

This tutorial will take you through a quick guide on how to resotre you files using backblaze, this should be the same for most backup companies.

If you go to backblaze.com and click Sign in to restore, type in your username and password and click signin,

You will now see all computers related to this accounts. For this example I will take my laptop click on Restore File below where you will see your hard disks and folders. Tick the box on the left of folder you will like to backup and click on continue with restore, you will find at the top there are also few options to get your files back, DVDs, USB hard drive for this backup we will just use Download Zip files. When you have selected your samples files that you have worked on click on Continue with restore and you should received an email soon with link to download backups.

You can also go to my restore on the left to download files that have been asked for in last 7 days.

Download the zip and open files to check that the lastes revitions of backups are in the files.

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