Some Best practice for password

Some Best practice for password

Reasons not to use same password for everything:
If the site that you are using the one password gets exploited on gets hacked and they get a list of your email username and pasword it means they can access all the service you sign up to. Or you loose your laptop or tell someone your password they can access all your accounts.

Just few simple rules to follow with passwords:

1. Never use the same password for anything!

2. Passwords should be at least 8 characters with letters numbers in it, PcTools Password generator or Create a password from GRC // store it somewhere BUT make changes to it that no one else knows, add a letter to the end change all A letters to B etc..
3. Never store you full password in one place and even then encrypting or changing to some extent.
4. Never have a password that is related to you there are bits of software that will generate a list of passwords for a hacker form your detials, dogs name, date of birth, house number, address, telephone numeber etc.. and all they hacker had to do it set this list on your account.

Some ways to remember passwords:

1st way: By adding SuperGenPass // as a bookmarker it allows you to click on bookmark then type in master password and fill in password filed. This case you can have a few passwords for different sites and only you know what one is used with what site. This means that if the likes of Twitter or your email gets hacked all they are getting is this one generated password.


2nd way: Also likes of PasswordMaker plugin for firefox does the same allowing you to right click on a filed and get it to fill list.


3rd Storing: passwords on firefox is ok but can be broken into on some older versions. Use firefox master password setup under Options -> Security -> Master password. This should also be used with one of password generators below. THIS IS BAD PRACTICE since you really never want to be storing your passwords anywhere.


Video tutorials on this will be coming soon.

Some examples of bad passwords “qwerty”, “abcd1234”, or “thx1138”,

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