Removing Viruses/Adware

Removing Viruses/Adware

Having problem with Internet Explorer, computer crashing, freezing, is your computer telling you that your infected?
Then it mostly likely is but do not download what they tell you do do. If you can download these to memory stick on another computer or cd and transfer to your computer.

Try running everything in safemode, start computer up and press F8 at top of keyboard select Safemode from the list and then pop in usb stick or cd in drive and run scans more details on safemode read, How to get into safe mode

I suggest running these in the following order:

  1. Combo Fix // if does not turn download files and change name to combo-fix.exe
  2. SmithFraudFix //
  3. Avg // search AVG
  4. Trojan Remover //
  5. Simply Super Software //