Picking broadband in Ireland

Picking broadband in Ireland

Have a phone line: Advantages of eircom over the rest of them are they they can not pass the blame back and forth if the phone line is damaged getting problem fixed much quicker (still not amazing quick).

  1. Eircom, depending on how much you download check
  2. BT
  3. Magnet, very fast options 24/24
  4. Perlico

Make sure to ask for a FREE router when ordering this.

Do not have phone line but do have roof access: Small antenna sits on roof and connects to close by station on top of mountain or tall building.

  1. Digiweb Metro
  2. Irish broadband
  3. NTL / Choras

Have no roof access but good window access: All quite slow unless you have very good line of site

  1. Clear wire: without router you only get one connection and means you have to change setting every time you go home and connect to another router.
  2. Irish broadband Ripwave: same problem as above.
  3. 3G modem Meteor/Vodafone/O2: really need good line of site or be closer to window.
  4. NTL / Choras

These are all in priority 1 being highest.


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    1. admin says:

      Update 1:
      also have to take into account how much you download, most packages that are wireless come with limit of 10gb to 40gb.

      for one to two computers 10gb for emails and surfing internet is fine.

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