Create Signatures Mac Entourage

Create Signatures Mac Entourage

Create simple signature:

Picture 3
Go to Tools -> Signatures

Picture 6
Will bring up a list of present signatures, click on New to bring up editor.

Picture 5
To insert new signature click on new message and go to Messages -> Signatures and select the new signature CK Computer Solutions. You can also set signatures to be default on different accounts.

Complex and fancy signatures:

There is currently no way of inserting a live hyperlink into an Entourage signature. You can always insert the URL, with the // prefix, and some email clients will convert them to active link.

An alternative, if you are using Entourage 2004, would be to use Word 2004 to compose your e-mail message, since you can easily create hyperlinks in that program (select some text, then hit Cmd+K). If Entourage is configured as your default e-mail client, you can, when you’re done, go to File>Send To>Mail Recipient (as HTML) (this is still in Word, by the way). After it has been passed there is no way to edit it or add attachments.

Mactopia has some options also Entourage Signatures and Backgrounds. Use these as a starting point to design your own signatures or use Paul Berkowitz’s free AppleScript Make Hyperlinks X.