Acronis True Image

How to Image a computer from Acronis Backup.
Creating Image:
  1. Install your copy of Acronis True Image.
  2. Open up the True Image application and choose to Create Bootable Rescue Media.
  3. Click on Create Bootable Rescue Media
  4. Following wizard to backup to hard disk or local list. In this case we backed up to a external disk.
  5. Save out image to external hard disk called MyBackup1.tib
  6. Create Acronis Bootable CD.
Restoring From Image:
  1. Backup any files on the laptop that might be wanted.
  2. Place the “Acronis Bootable Disc” disk into the disc drive and plug the external hardrive into a usb port.
  3. Restart the laptop while continuously tapping F12 (or any boot options when computer starts up).
  4. Select CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive from the list and hit enter.
  5. Click on “Acronis True Image Home (Full Version)”.
  6. Click on “Recovery” in the right panel.
  7. Hit next.
  8. Click the + beside LACIE (Name of External Hard disk) on the left and select MyBackup1.tib.
  9. Hit next.
  10. Ensure “Restore disks or paritions” is selected and hit next again.
  11. Tick the box beside “Disk 1” and hit next.
  12. Click Disk 1 (it should have “IDE(0) Primary Master” in the interface column) and hit next.
  13. Click “Yes” and next.
  14. Click “No” and next.
  15. Hit next and then Proceed.
  16. The process can take over an hour.

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