CK Computer Solutions

Mobile App Market

The creation of software and applications has shifted greatly over the last several years. With individuals now using mobile products for a large amount of their work it is necessary for most companies to have a mobile application available for users. This way, the individual can access information and work on content over their mobile […]


MailChimp Newsletter Review


When it comes to online marketing, building a list of subscribers is often considered priority one. By building an audience of potential clients who have given you permission to follow up with them in the future, you can capture the attention of visitors to your site that are interested in your services but not quite […]


Smart Phones – the Tools of the Trade


The workplace is mobile today. Teleconferencing is an integral part of the lives of millions of employees in transit around the world; the advent of the smart phone combined with on-line collaboration services allows business to happen anywhere and everywhere. The mobile workforce is growing in Europe. Mobile phone usage in Ireland is one of […]


Avoiding IT Security Issues After Employee Leave or Termination


Terminating an employee can be a challenging time for many businesses and organizations. While there are many potential reasons for employee termination, it’s often an emotionally-charged time for businesses and employees. Some employees who are leaving a workplace may do things that are counterproductive for a company. For employees who are not expecting a layoff […]


Stop Sopa Ireland


Minister Seán Sherlock has proposed a new law which is best explained here. It will be enacted by a single stroke of his pen. Why are we opposed to this law? It is vague in the extreme. There are no details of what is considered a transgression. It isn’t clear if the site targeted will […]


Web Design Fuel

Fuel is a Dublin based design and web solutions company. Services include Website Design as well as Corporate Identity, Branding & Print Design; but Fuel specialise in providing website content management solutions. Fuel have developed completely customised content management solutions on over 80 websites currently running in Ireland and the UK, providing their clients with complete control over all […]