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Ever try to find something on your computer ans can not find it? Well here are some tips on trying to find your files. PC: XP Windows search, bit slower but works ok takes a lot more time Vista, just go to start menu and start typing will search all documents and applications. OR Google […]


BT Broadband modem settings


Here are settings for BT Broadband modem settings if you ever need to setup a modem for Bridging internet to router. modulaton g-dmt vpi 0 vci 35 ecapsulation lc/snap ppoe rc/148c BridgingBt B


Hackers space Ireland


Want a place to go and learn about technology and gadgets… I am looking to start a group of like minded people who like to take stuff apart and build their own thing about it. Propose that anyone that want to join keep few hours free on the first Saturday or every month so that […]


Stop telemarketing phone calls


Ring your supplier of phone line, mine was eircom then said agent to machine voice and then asked customer service to take me off the list.


A bodyboard,not just for summer….


When the snow is good on the hills and you find yourself lacking a sleigh to go down on, a body board is a good alternative!! You can just sit on it, or “swim” down on your belly!! picks up a fair bit of speed if the snow and slope is good!!


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