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Cloud computing new buzzwords


While the concept of highly available large scale computing systems is not new, powerful procesors, increased drive space, and the ability to easily virtualize computers has lead to a recent explosion of “cloud” computing offerings and services.  As the popularity of cloud computing grows more and more software, computes, and data are being housed and […]


Advantages to preventative IT support


Preventative IT support is a growing field that offers companies ways to safeguard technology, processes, and employees from attacks on a firm’s information infrastructure. The reason that preventative IT support is preferred is based on the fact that the cost of preparation upstream is much less than having a problem occur later. Over the past […]


IT improving


The world of information technology is accelerating forward at an extremely fast pace. Not only are business applications becoming more and more applicable to any budget and industry, but they are also becoming less expensive. As more businesses expressed their need for IT business services, that volume allows companies to charge much less for the […]


How safe is your password?


How safe is your password? First a few things to think about. Most people pick something that is easy and relates to them in a personal way. This is the wrong way to do it, any person who puts a bit of thought into it can guess your password. Your not under risk from other […]


APN addresses for Vodafone, Meteor, 3 Mobile


Vodafone ISP APN: vodafone: hs.vodafone.ie Username: vodafone Password: vodafone Meteor ISP APN: isp.mymeteor.ie Username: my Password: isp 3 ISP APN: 3ireland.ie User name: – Prompt Password: No Password: – O2 Getting started link Meteor Getting started link


Reset Lexmark E250dn


1) Turn power switch (back of the printer) to OFF 2) Open front panel 3) While holding down the front panel Continue and Cancel buttons, power on the printer. 4) Keep holding the two buttons down until the error light (leftmost led) becomes solid. 5) Release buttons and close front panel.